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Salary Survey for an education sector client

Work Details

Client: A leading British Curriculum school in Dubai.
Assignment: IdealMC undertook a confidential salary survey of comparable schools for key academic positions as they were reluctant to participate in a formal survey.
The survey methodology included:
- Preparing a broadsheet of cost-to-company data for each key position
- Deriving a position equivalence with academic positions in comparator schools
- Collecting salary data for all components and benefits
- Comparing data on key indicators such as CTC, Basic Salary, Housing Benefits, children’s education, leave travel.

Business benefits

- The client was able to structure the salary components in line with market
- The survey provided accurate and reliable information for
- Benchmarking against comparator institutions
- Clarifying assumptions on the part of the staff
- Enabling employee retention and attracting best talent by ensuring market–driven packages

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