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Feasibility Study-Food Distribution business

Work Details

Client: A new entrant into the UAE interested in setting up a frozen meats and foodstuff distribution business
Assignment: IdealMC undertook a market study and developed a financial feasibility report for the client.
The IdealMC team:
- estimated the market size and assessed the scope for a new player to enter the frozen meats sector
- conducted a detailed financial feasibility of the proposed venture
- developed a financial model for the project

Business benefits

- The feasibility study:
- ensured that the project was undertaken after confirming that there was a business case
- identified the critical success factors for the project as well as the low-hanging fruit to be picked on priority
- helped in providing a clear financial and funding plan for the client and mapped the potential returns and IRR
- The financial model helped determine the critical assumptions and the extent of their impact on the financial results

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